Title: The Peril of Pride
Published by: Fawkes Press
Release Date: Coming December 7, 2021

A winter wonderland turns into a frozen nightmare in this pulse-pounding conclusion to The Seven Deadly Sins series by USA Today Bestselling Author Greta Boris.

Fiona has separation anxiety when Devon, her husband, takes their almost four-year-old son to a cabin in Big Bear Lake to sled, build snowmen, and bond. She can’t wait to join them, but when she learns her half-brother—once dubbed the Real Estate Killer—has escaped from prison, she loads her handgun and stays home. He has a vendetta against her, and she won’t put her family at risk.


Meanwhile, Devon finds himself in a quandary when a stranger shows up at the cabin door during a snowstorm. He’s taught his son about stranger danger, but how can he leave this stranded man out in the cold? Once inside, the stranger becomes demanding and aggressive. As danger mounts, Devon realizes mercy was a mistake.


Evil has come to Big Bear Lake. It will take both husband and wife to protect their son, but how can they when they’re each unaware of the other’s plight?


Perfect for fans of Christopher Greyson, N.L. Hinkins, Natalie Barelli, and Teresa Driscoll.


You can enter the world of The Seven Deadly Sins with any book in the series, like this one! Grab a copy and prepare to stay up late.


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