It’s Here!

Imogene’s client has a special request. The only hitch is, the client is dead.

It was a dying wish according to Imogene’s boss at Harry’s Hair Stop, and she needs the money. But when she arrives at Greener Pastures to get her client ready for her funeral, strange things happen. Imogene discovers her client’s death, just like her hair color, wasn’t as natural as everyone thought. 

Author Greta Boris is a master murder mystery storyteller. She combines intrigue and suspense with believable characters packed in a plot that is intense from cover to cover.—Amazon Reviewer

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow coming in June!


See all the Sins 

  An OC Murder Series

Ordinary women. Unexpected evil. A series of taut psychological suspense novels that expose the dark side of sunny Southern California. 


Check out the Mortician Murders

When the dead want justice, they follow her home.

Imogene Lynch, one-time hairstylist, has a disturbing gift; she feels the final sensations of the deceased when she touches their hair. The only way to rid herself of disgruntled murder victims is to expose their killers. This is often annoying, but it’s always dangerous.