Title: A Pinch of Gluttony
Published by: Fawkes Press
Release Date: June 2, 2020
ISBN13: 978-1-945419-47-8

Getting healthy can be deadly.

Honey Wells, chef, shop owner, and cooking instructor, is a glutton for punishment. Her doctor warned her that overwork, a poor diet, and no exercise is a recipe for disaster. But her brother-in-law has disappeared with her savings, and Honey won’t rest until she replenishes the account.


When Honey’s husband, Booker, convinces her to hike Black Star Canyon for her health, her conviction that exercise is dangerous is confirmed. The dead body they find is the straw that breaks her. Fear, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle collide in an eye-opening panic attack.


Every step Honey takes to regain control results in danger and mystery. Her wayward brother-in-law wants more money, and his emails hint about past crimes. Her new employee may be the victim of an abusive cult. And, the panic attacks keep coming. She’s convinced the answers she seeks are in the one place she dreads going—Black Star Canyon.


If I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney and The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine made your heart race, Greta Boris’s A Pinch of Gluttony will raise your blood pressure.


Enter the world of The Seven Deadly Sins with any book in this series of standalone psychological suspense novels.


With gentle wit and a compassion that extends even to the sinners, A Pinch of Gluttony examines the many ways—both healthy and harmful—we try to fill the empty places in our hearts. It’s also a well-paced and cleverly plotted mystery that kept me guessing until the end, and then made me gasp out loud. Greta Boris is a terrifically gifted storyteller, and this series just gets better and better. – Heather Young, author of The Distant Dead, from Harper Collins


Wow! Absolutely enthralling. This is my first Greta Boris read. I would describe her writing as Kathy Reichs crossed with Karin Slaughter. An unputdownable thrill-ride, with twists and turns that will keep you breathless! Boris’s characters are 4-dimensional, with depth and authenticity, and she narrates in descriptive detail. I’m keen to go seek out her other books in The Seven Deadly Sins series. Highly, highly read-worthy. – Tandy Oschadleus, Advanced Reviewer


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