Title: The Origin of Sin
Published by: Fawkes Press

Sometimes a picture screams a thousand threats.


When Amy inherits a cottage in Capistrano Beach, she sees a chance to escape from the hell of her Machiavellian husband. But black walls, drug paraphernalia, and a greenhouse full of cast-off furniture mean she can’t move her young daughter into the house. There is work to be done. There is also an uninvited guest.


Every day when she arrives at the property a tableau straight from Dante’s lurid vision is sketched on the living room walls. The punishment for each of the seven deadly sins is depicted in graphic detail.


The police are less than helpful. Surely it is her husband trying to scare her into returning to him. Or the drug-addled squatter who she displaced is lashing out. Or, just maybe, stress has her slipping to the other side of sanity. Freedom for herself and her child lies just beyond the answer, but she must walk into danger to reach it.


If you loved Spare Room by Dreda Say Mitchell, you will get a thrill from The Origin of Sin, a prequel novella to Greta Boris’s Seven Deadly Sins series of psychological thrillers.


Don’t linger in Limbo – get your copy now.


Although parts were super creepy and got into my head, the twists and turns, story climax and the ending were all very satisfying, maybe the most satisfying novella I read this year. Don’t be put off by it being a short novel! It’s worth every penny and more. – Emma Bain, Book Reviewer


If you like scary, twisty stories, then this is your book. Well written, and characters that are tantalizing and fun, all rolled tightly into a chilling read. Looking forward to more! – Amazon Reviewer


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