Dead Men Tell No Tales

Embalmer’s assistant Imogene Lynch may or may not get the final sensations of the dead when she touches their hair. She used to, but something strange is going on. 

Her sixth sense disappears when the body of a local treasure hunter shows up at Greener Pastures Mortuary. But that doesn’t keep her from becoming embroiled in two bone-chilling mysteries.

Her boss’s lover is awol, and a tipsy ghost is giving her the hiccups. Someone’s been murdered. She dearly hopes it’s not the missing woman.

All clues lead to Catalina Island where rumors of a pirate’s buried treasure seem to have incited a gold rush. When Imogene stumbles into a viper’s nest, she discovers the dead aren’t the only ones with secrets.

If you can imagine Agatha Raisin as a twenty-something, rockabilly, ex-hairstylist with a weird connection to the dead, this book is for you.


Is there anything scarier than a homicidal hospital?

There’s no love lost between Imogene and her boyfriend’s mother. But when Eleanor is admitted to a local sanatorium for her migraines, Imogene takes the high road and visits.

   The hospital is housed in a creepy mansion with a chilling past. The medicines being used are a throwback to the days of snake oil and superstition. And while she’s there, Imogene bumps into a newly deceased patient.

   As hauntings go, this ghost steals the show. And everything else. Turns out Becky Riddell was being treated for kleptomania. Her influence is hard to resist.

   Things take a sinister turn when dead bodies start popping up around the sanatorium at an alarming rate. Imogene knows she should investigate, but the last thing she needs is more drama in her life. She has enough thanks to the poltergeist that’s been dogging her steps for the past month.

   However, if Imogene doesn’t figure out who’s killing off patients and why, she’ll have to move out of her apartment. Thanks to Becky’s compulsion, she’s pinched so much stuff, there’s barely enough room for her and her cat. Besides, El would never forgive her if his mother became one of the not-so-dearly departed. 


What do you do when skeletons in the family closet come out to play?

Imogene Lynch, assistant to the head embalmer of Greener Pastures Mortuary, has always longed for family, but her newfound cousin, Chelsea, is a big disappointment. Not only are they complete opposites, but Chelsea needs help with the kind of problem Imogene does her best to avoid—murder. And this one seems impossible to solve since Chelsea doesn’t know who the victim is. 

Cursing her big heart and well-developed sense of guilt, Imogene plunges into a mystery more twisted than she could have imagined. Cryptic clues, as invisible as the ghosts who leave them, entangle the cousins, and dark family secrets begin to unravel. Imogene discovers she and Chelsea may have more in common than she’d thought. And that’s not a good thing. 

The Lynches have baggage of a supernatural kind. Can Chelsea and Imogene work as a team, solve the crime, and lay the spirits of the past to rest, or will their mismatched psychic abilities lead them into danger? 

If you can imagine Agatha Raisin as a twenty-something, rockabilly, ex-hairstylist with a weird connection to the dead, this book is for you.


Men are confusing, alive or dead.

Imogene Lynch, assistant to the head embalmer at Greener Pastures Mortuary, feels the final sensations of the deceased when she touches their hair. So, why did she get a hit from a 200-year-old skull?

When an earthquake reveals a long-hidden tomb under the historic San Juan Capistrano Mission. El—the night watchman at the mortuary and her new flame—sneaks her in to see it. When Imogene stumbles into a mound of bones and dislodges a skull, she’s plagued by an itching attack that won’t quit until she discovers who killed the cranium’s owner. But how do you solve a crime that happened centuries ago?

If you can imagine Agatha Raisin as a twenty-something, rockabilly, ex-hairstylist with a weird connection to the dead, this book is for you.


Nothing says romance like his and hers caskets.

Imogene Lynch has decorated the chapel for Greener Pastures’ first wedding-funeral, but on the morning of the big event, one casket is empty. Has the bride gotten cold feet? Or has someone absconded with her?

     The spirits aren’t talking, but they are making Imogene’s life a misery. When the police suspect the mortuary’s head embalmer of stealing the corpse to sell on the black market, she and El, the hunky night watchman, realize it’s up to them to find the missing body.

     Their search leads to a berserker Viking cult, obnoxious frat boys, and a pirate bar, among other dangers. But Imogene and El are determined to reunite the deceased couple, or die trying.

 If you can imagine Agatha Raisin as a twenty-something, rockabilly ex-hairdresser with a weird connection to the dead, this book is for you.

 Greta Boris is a terrifically gifted storyteller. Heather Young, author of The Distant Dead, from Harper Collins

 This is a cosy lover's dream.-Goodreads reviewer


When the dead want justice, they follow her around.

Imogene Lynch, one time hairstylist, wants nothing more than to become a normal mortician. Problem is she has an ability that’s anything but. She feels the final emotions of the deceased when she touches their hair.


When an extra body shows up in the casket at the back of her anatomy class, turns out he's not for dissection. And Carl the corpse won’t leave her alone until she figures out who put him there.


A Community Exclusive Novella



Imogene’s client has a special request. The only hitch is, the client is dead.

It's an ordinary day at Harry’s Hair Stop until Imogene hears her favorite client’s dying wish. Two days later, she finds herself in the embalming room at Greener Pastures Mortuary, bottle of hair dye and scissors in hand. 


Styling her client's hair for the funeral is creepy. She’d expected that. But she hadn’t expected the body to buzz like it was loaded with corpse caffeine. Was it her imagination, or was something more sinister at play? Determined to prove her sanity, she teams up with the mortuary’s handsome night watchman to investigate. 


Through a series of hair-raising twists, they discover the client’s death, just like her hair color, wasn’t as natural as everyone thought. In fact, this is only one in a string of murders. Someone is killing off the residents of Liberty Grove. It’s up to Imogene to find the murderer before the murderer finds her. 


If you can imagine Agatha Raisin as a twenty-something, rockabilly, hairstylist with a weird connection to the dead, this book is for you. 

I’m addicted to Greta Boris’s fast-paced, twisty stories with characters that I feel by the end of the book are my best friends. Not the villains—those I hope never to meet outside these pages.—Emma Bain, Book Reviewer

Author Greta Boris is a master murder mystery storyteller. She combines intrigue and suspense with believable characters packed in a plot that is intense from cover to cover.—Amazon Reviewer

There is a way out, if she can find it.


When Amy, a newly single mother, offers to take her daughter anywhere she wants to go for her ninth birthday, Bella chooses a Victorian murder mystery-themed escape room. The idea of paying someone to lock her up makes Amy shudder, but she gives in.


Still suffering with PTSD from the events of the previous year (The Origin of Sin), Amy regrets the decision as soon as the door shuts behind them with an ominous slam. Gruesome two-hundred-year-old crimes and a very present murder must be solved in order to escape.


If you enjoyed Shari Lapena’s An Unwanted Guest or Rachel Howzell Hall’s They All Fall Down, you won’t want to come out of your room until you’ve finished Greta Boris’s The Escape Room. 

A Community Exclusive Novella 

Sometimes a picture screams a thousand threats.


When Amy inherits a cottage in Capistrano Beach, she sees a chance to escape from the hell of her Machiavellian husband. But black walls, drug paraphernalia, and a greenhouse full of cast-off furniture mean she can’t move her young daughter into the house. There is work to be done. There is also an uninvited guest.


Every day when she arrives at the property a tableau straight from Dante’s lurid vision is sketched on the living room walls. The punishment for each of the seven deadly sins is depicted in graphic detail.


The police are less than helpful. Surely it is her husband trying to scare her into returning to him. Or the drug-addled squatter who she displaced is lashing out. Or, just maybe, stress has her slipping to the other side of sanity. Freedom for herself and her child lies just beyond the answer, but she must walk into danger to reach it.


If you loved Spare Room by Dreda Say Mitchell, you will get a thrill from The Origin of Sin, a prequel novella to Greta Boris’s Seven Deadly Sins series of psychological thrillers.


Don’t linger in Limbo – get your copy now.


Although parts were super creepy and got into my head, the twists and turns, story climax and the ending were all very satisfying, maybe the most satisfying novella I read this year. Don’t be put off by it being a short novel! It’s worth every penny and more. – Emma Bain, Book Reviewer


If you like scary, twisty stories, then this is your book. Well written, and characters that are tantalizing and fun, all rolled tightly into a chilling read. Looking forward to more! – Amazon Reviewer


Travel to the dark side of Sunny SoCal with USA Today Best Selling author Greta Boris.


This set contains a prequel novella and the first three novels in The Seven Deadly Sins - OC Murders


One picture is worth a thousand screams in The Origin of Sin. We learn some doors are better kept closed in A Margin of Lust. A mother fights to protect her child from an invisible monster in The Scent of Wrath. Religion and human-trafficking collide in The Sanctity of Sloth.


Fans of Ruth Ware and Shari LaPena will love a jaunt down this dark alley. Procrastination is perilous, so get yours today!