There is a way out, if she can find it.


When Amy, a newly single mother, offers to take her daughter anywhere she wants to go for her ninth birthday, Bella chooses a Victorian murder mystery-themed escape room. The idea of paying someone to lock her up makes Amy shudder, but she gives in.


Still suffering with PTSD from the events of the previous year (The Origin of Sin), Amy regrets the decision as soon as the door shuts behind them with an ominous slam. Gruesome two-hundred-year-old crimes and a very present murder must be solved in order to escape.


If you enjoyed Shari Lapena’s An Unwanted Guest or Rachel Howzell Hall’s They All Fall Down, you won’t want to come out of your room until you’ve finished Greta Boris’s The Escape Room. 

A Community Exclusive Novella 

Sometimes a picture screams a thousand threats.


When Amy inherits a cottage in Capistrano Beach, she sees a chance to escape from the hell of her Machiavellian husband. But black walls, drug paraphernalia, and a greenhouse full of cast-off furniture mean she can’t move her young daughter into the house. There is work to be done. There is also an uninvited guest.


Every day when she arrives at the property a tableau straight from Dante’s lurid vision is sketched on the living room walls. The punishment for each of the seven deadly sins is depicted in graphic detail.


The police are less than helpful. Surely it is her husband trying to scare her into returning to him. Or the drug-addled squatter who she displaced is lashing out. Or, just maybe, stress has her slipping to the other side of sanity. Freedom for herself and her child lies just beyond the answer, but she must walk into danger to reach it.


If you loved Spare Room by Dreda Say Mitchell, you will get a thrill from The Origin of Sin, a prequel novella to Greta Boris’s Seven Deadly Sins series of psychological thrillers.


Don’t linger in Limbo – get your copy now.


Although parts were super creepy and got into my head, the twists and turns, story climax and the ending were all very satisfying, maybe the most satisfying novella I read this year. Don’t be put off by it being a short novel! It’s worth every penny and more. – Emma Bain, Book Reviewer


If you like scary, twisty stories, then this is your book. Well written, and characters that are tantalizing and fun, all rolled tightly into a chilling read. Looking forward to more! – Amazon Reviewer


Travel to the dark side of Sunny SoCal with USA Today Best Selling author Greta Boris.


This set contains a prequel novella and the first three novels in The Seven Deadly Sins - OC Murders


One picture is worth a thousand screams in The Origin of Sin. We learn some doors are better kept closed in A Margin of Lust. A mother fights to protect her child from an invisible monster in The Scent of Wrath. Religion and human-trafficking collide in The Sanctity of Sloth.


Fans of Ruth Ware and Shari LaPena will love a jaunt down this dark alley. Procrastination is perilous, so get yours today!


Willow has everything she could ever want except her freedom.

After eloping with Jonathan, she returns to his family’s expansive Southern California estate to live a fairytale, complete with a handsome prince and beautiful castle.


But something isn’t right at Sunset House. Willow becomes jealous of her husband’s bond with his twin sister, and curious about the family’s secrets that live in the shadows. Her anxiety ramps up with three deaths in as many weeks, and peaks with the discovery of an anonymous journal filled with tales of abuse and imprisonment.


No longer free to wander safely in the estate, Willow has become a songbird in a gilded cage, and she must carry off the performance of a lifetime to protect herself and her unborn child.


A Southern California Gothic tale perfect for fans of Kiersten Modglin and Shari Lapena.


Here’s what the Advanced Review Team said:

You could say I was practically glued right from the beginning. - June


Well-defined characters, colorful imagery, and a fast-moving plot make this gothic tale a great read. – Jeanne


Absolutely riveting story! -Ann


Expertly written, the story draws you in instantly. -Tandy


I literally could not put it down! Brilliantly written! -Linda


A winter wonderland turns into a frozen nightmare in this pulse-pounding conclusion to The Seven Deadly Sins series by USA Today Bestselling Author Greta Boris.

Fiona has separation anxiety when Devon, her husband, takes their almost four-year-old son to a cabin in Big Bear Lake to sled, build snowmen, and bond. She can’t wait to join them, but when she learns her half-brother—once dubbed the Real Estate Killer—has escaped from prison, she loads her handgun and stays home. He has a vendetta against her, and she won’t put her family at risk.


Meanwhile, Devon finds himself in a quandary when a stranger shows up at the cabin door during a snowstorm. He’s taught his son about stranger danger, but how can he leave this stranded man out in the cold? Once inside, the stranger becomes demanding and aggressive. As danger mounts, Devon realizes mercy was a mistake.


Evil has come to Big Bear Lake. It will take both husband and wife to protect their son, but how can they when they’re each unaware of the other’s plight?


Perfect for fans of Christopher Greyson, N.L. Hinkins, Natalie Barelli, and Teresa Driscoll.


You can enter the world of The Seven Deadly Sins with any book in the series, like this one! Grab a copy and prepare to stay up late.


Available for Preorder!

Getting healthy can be deadly.

Honey Wells, chef, shop owner, and cooking instructor, is a glutton for punishment. Her doctor warned her that overwork, a poor diet, and no exercise is a recipe for disaster. But her brother-in-law has disappeared with her savings, and Honey won’t rest until she replenishes the account.


When Honey’s husband, Booker, convinces her to hike Black Star Canyon for her health, her conviction that exercise is dangerous is confirmed. The dead body they find is the straw that breaks her. Fear, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle collide in an eye-opening panic attack.


Every step Honey takes to regain control results in danger and mystery. Her wayward brother-in-law wants more money, and his emails hint about past crimes. Her new employee may be the victim of an abusive cult. And, the panic attacks keep coming. She’s convinced the answers she seeks are in the one place she dreads going—Black Star Canyon.


If I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney and The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine made your heart race, Greta Boris’s A Pinch of Gluttony will raise your blood pressure.


Enter the world of The Seven Deadly Sins with any book in this series of standalone psychological suspense novels.


With gentle wit and a compassion that extends even to the sinners, A Pinch of Gluttony examines the many ways—both healthy and harmful—we try to fill the empty places in our hearts. It’s also a well-paced and cleverly plotted mystery that kept me guessing until the end, and then made me gasp out loud. Greta Boris is a terrifically gifted storyteller, and this series just gets better and better. – Heather Young, author of The Distant Dead, from Harper Collins


Wow! Absolutely enthralling. This is my first Greta Boris read. I would describe her writing as Kathy Reichs crossed with Karin Slaughter. An unputdownable thrill-ride, with twists and turns that will keep you breathless! Boris’s characters are 4-dimensional, with depth and authenticity, and she narrates in descriptive detail. I’m keen to go seek out her other books in The Seven Deadly Sins series. Highly, highly read-worthy. – Tandy Oschadleus, Advanced Reviewer


All the fortress’s inhabitants have been rich, reclusive, and mysterious.

It has tantalized Rosie Ring for years. When horror writer Jacob Rinehart purchases the large stone house on the cliffs and hires her to redecorate, it seems like a dream come true. But Rinehart is living a nightmare. A woman has been killed in the same manner as the victims in his latest book.


Gruesome deaths, disturbing artwork, and red-soled shoes litter the opulent landscape of Laguna Beach, California. Everyone close to Rosie is hiding something, and one of those secrets leads to death.


If you loved Ruth Ware’s In a Dark, Dark Wood, or Shari Lapena’s An Unwanted Guest, Greta Boris’s The Color of Envy should be right up your dark alley. Get a copy and enter the world of The Seven Deadly Sins—Standalone Novels of Psychological Suspense.


I read a lot of literary fiction, so when I pick up a mystery (my first, and a favorite genre) I want the pace to be satisfying; fast. But I also don’t want the pace to be so fast and loose that I feel unsatisfied at the end—like I’ve wasted my time on an empty fix. I need to escape into what I’ve come to know is Boris’ ability to craft a satisfying mystery that will leave me both satisfied and hungry for more. I’m glad this is a series I can count on. Next, please! Amazon Reviewer 


This novel has everything: mystery, intrigue, a very cool setting, and a love story to boot. Greta Boris’ writing, as usual, is impeccable and laced with the perfect balance of smart dialog, colorful imagery, and fast-moving plot. I can’t wait for the fourth in this series. – Amazon Reviewer


Author Greta Boris is a master murder mystery storyteller. She combines intrigue and suspense with believable characters packed in a plot that is intense from cover to cover.Amazon ReviewerAugust 27, 2019

There’s one thing more dangerous than testifying to a crime—staying silent.

Locked in the ruins of a California Mission, Abby Travers watches helplessly as a girl dies outside her window. As she struggles between her moral obligation to come forward as a witness, and her commitment to a Medieval religious practice that requires her to retreat from the world, the situation spins out of control.


Abby’s hesitation starts a series of catastrophes. She finds herself at the center of a deadly cover up where every minute counts and indecision could be fatal. She questions all her beliefs and everyone she knows becomes suspect. To save herself and those she loves, she must break free from her self-imposed prisons of stone and fear.


The Sanctity of Sloth is a taut, psychological thriller that answers the question: What happens when a good woman does nothing? Fans of Paula Hawkins and A.J. Finn will enjoy this third book in Greta Boris’s Seven Deadly Sins Series.


Procrastination is perilous, so get your copy today.


Another winning mystery by Greta Boris! I’m addicted to her fast-paced, twisty stories with characters that I feel by the end of the book are my best friends. Not the villains—those I hope never to meet outside these pages. – Emma Bain, Book Reviewer


Greta Boris grabs the reader early and doesn’t let go until the end. The Sanctity of Sloth is as good as mysteries get. – Julie Howard, author of The Wild Crime Mysteries.


Was it him?

Olivia Richards isn’t sure, but she’s afraid the past has caught up with her.

What happened when she was a child should never have happened, and it wouldn’t have if her mother had protected her. But she hadn’t, not the way a mother should. Not the way Olivia protects her son.


Taking care of Brian isn’t easy. She has to juggle work, Brian’s schedule, his propensity to wander due to a brain injury, and an alcoholic ex-husband who wants to reenter their lives.


When newspaper clippings about the deaths of boys her son’s age start showing up on her windshield, her tight control begins to fray. What do the messages mean? Who is leaving them?


As past and present collide, Olivia’s anxiety turns to terror. Death threatens. She must protect her son, but from whom?


Greta Boris’s The Scent of Wrath has been called taut and atmospheric. If you loved Sarah A. Denzil’s Silent Child, or Lisa Scottoline’s Look Again, you won’t be able to put it down.


Buy now and enter the world of The Seven Deadly Sins—Standalone Novels of Psychological Suspense.


Fans of psychological suspense will enjoy this tale. Filled with believable and relatable characters, The Scent of Wrath subtly draws you in, coiling tight until the very end. – Robin Burcell — NYT Bestselling author of The Last Good Place and co-author with Clive Cussler of the Sam and Remi Fargo series.

Right from page one, The Scent of Wrath pulls the reader into a fast-paced journey of emotional suspense. A terrific addition to the author’s The Seven Deadly Sins series. – Jacqueline Diamond, USA Today bestselling author of the Safe Harbor Medical Mysteries

A tale of suburban suspense that will keep you turning pages. – Matt Coyle, author of the Anthony Award-winning Rick Cahill series


A phenomenal mystery/thriller that gives an adrenaline rush. The author’s writing style reflects maturity and the glint of a veteran writer.  – Bookworldliness


Sometimes it’s best to leave a door closed. 

Gwen Bishop is ambitious. If she wasn’t, she’d never have considered putting the house on Cliff Drive back on the market. Real Estate agents are dying. She found the corpse of a colleague in an upstairs bedroom.

Her two big fears, claustrophobia and being buried in suburban obscurity, are at war. But Gwen has something to prove to her husband and to herself. Mistruths, misunderstandings, and misplaced loyalties cloud her judgment, and she agrees to list the house again.


When she steps over the threshold of the old, neglected home, it takes on a life of its own. Is it warning her? Or is someone playing pranks?


As the danger escalates, Gwen realizes it was easier to enter the house on Cliff Drive than it will be to leave.


If you enjoyed The Girl Before by JP Delaney and Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris, you’ll be taken captive by this twisty, psychological suspense story by Greta Boris.


Enter the world of The Seven Deadly Sins with any book in this series of clean, standalone suspense novels.

Praise for A Margin of Lust!


The wages of sin rock the glamorous world of high-end real estate — gripping and fast-paced!Anne Cleeland, author of The Doyle & Acton Scotland Yard Series.


I was taken with how deftly the author took an all-too-common marital dilemma and challenged my knee-jerk reaction. A thoroughly enjoyable read that landed me firmly in the rapidly growing Greta Boris fan club! Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer


Ms. Boris is an immensely talented writer who seamlessly weaves a plot that pulls you in from the start. The character development was a key part of how much I enjoyed the story. Brooke Blogs